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About him
Alfaro showed very early his interest in electronic music. At eighteen he started working at New Records (MADRID) where he had as a reference to some of the most respected discjockeys on the Madrid scene, who together with their own personality have shaped their own mixing style, addressing the deepest and most ethnic sounds but without abandon the more dancefloor rhythms that always characterized him.

As co-founder of Knocked Music, he has carried out some large projects such as Free Xpression or Summer Xpression and has mixed in some clubs and festivals such as Specka, Oasis, Cool, Spook, MEF, Free Xpression, Summer Xpression, Knocked Urban.

Currently he continues his work as a DJ and promoter at Knocked Music.

Alfaro demostró desde muy pronto su interés por la música electrónica. Con dieciocho años comenzó a trabajar en New Records (MADRID) donde tuvo como referente a algunos de los discjockeys más respetados de la escena madrileña, que junto a su carácter han dado forma a un estilo de mezclar propio, abordando los sonidos más deep y étnicos pero si abandonar los ritmos más pisteros que siempre le han caracterizado.

Como cofundador de Knocked Music, ha realizado algunos proyectos de gran envergadura como son Free Xpression o Summer Xpression y ha mezclado en algunos clubes y festivales como Specka, Oasis, Cool, Spook, MEF, Free Xpression, Summer Xpression, Knocked Urban.

En la actualidad continua su trabajo como Dj y promotor en Knocked Music.

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